Mother & Child 2

Welcome Parents and Guardians!

This is the first series of tips to help your child build reading confidence!

Pearl of Wisdom

“Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs” 

Make A Difference…One Sentence At A Time!

Consider these examples from the story…

“How was your day at school, Bonita?” This question repeated itself everyday but it gave Bonita a sense of comfort just to hear it.

Mama’s voice was like a song bird singing in a garden.

In this moment the garden was the family kitchen and mama was nestled in the kitchen of her garden.

*Review the techniques I mentioned above and discuss the sentences together.  Engaging together during this reading moment will bring the story to life for you.  Happy reading and stay tuned for another Mama Said…tip!  

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One Sentence At A Time!

Step 1 – Be present (Meeting your child’s physical need)

Step 2 – Take turns reading to your child “one sentence at a time.”  Students, take turn reading to your parent “one sentence at a time.”

Step 3 – Discuss what you have just read asking each other questions about the character, setting, or mood.