5Ws of the Mama Said…It’s the small victories that count!

The Communication Companion for Students

(A personal guide and a constant resource inside book)

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Who – Students; parents; educators; administrators; staff

What – The Communication Companion is… (A Student Motivational and Inspirational Tool).

Where – The Communication Companion can be used anywhere, anytime – (school, home, play, extra-curricular activities, clubs, home-schooling, private/public school instruction)

When – The Communication Companion can be used during instructional day/before/during/after school/at home.

Why – The Communication Companion helps individuals (students, educators and parents focus on the current moment of a child’s development) it’s reflective.

How – The Communication Companion (back of book) can inspire, motivate students as well as encourage educators and parents to guide student intellectual and emotional development. Allows students to take ownership of their own personal growth.  Purchase book for your copy of The Communication Companion.  


Great “Mama Said…” quotes shared by
Carthage College Students
Class:  A Parent’s Influence

“Enjoy life and have a sense of humor.”

“Follow your dreams.”

“Don’t be afraid, you can always come home.”

“You can be, do, anything you put your mind to.”

“Keep God first, front row and center in your life.”

“Don’t be afraid of life and respect others.”

“Family is first…if you want it you can do it.”

“Don’t try to do it all; learn how to delegate.”

“Believe in yourself; you can do it.”

“You can do anything you put your mind to do. (And don’t hate your brothers!)

“Say your prayers.”

“Take opportunities that come your way including traveling.”

“Don’t wait to do – Do it!”

“Let God take care of it.”

“Kill them with kindness.”

“Stop…do more and balance your life.”

“Can you get in?…Be a gym teacher.”

“We might get paid more; but what you do is priceless.”

“Bloom where you are planted.”

“Treat other people kindly.”