Mama Said…The Communication Companion

by Bonnie J. Edwards
(Pearl of Wisdom Technique & Activity – Located in The Communication Companion)

 Great Activity to Engage Children / Students

*In the story, Bonita’s mother talked directly to her. This is encouraged too. Using both methods can be extremely effective in opening the communication process:

• Who do I admire?
• What would I like to be when I become an adult?
• What do I care about?
• What do I already know about my interest?
• How will I let others know about my interest?
• Who would want to know about my interest?
• Given what I know now…How do I plan to become the best person I can be?
• What do I need to do to become the person I was meant to become?
• If I could be anywhere in the world, where would I be and why?

*Important:  This page provides a Student Self-Regulating Survey to assist students in identifying and recognizing their need to self-express. It is a good tool for any student to use to assist them in moving from an “unexpressive” frame of mind to a “call to action” frame of mind.


Copyright – All Rights Reserved – Author, Bonnie J. Edwards – Mama Said…Second Edition Excerpt from The Communication Companion 2017