From the Lens of Dr. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

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Pearl of Wisdom” by Bonnie J. Edwards

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“Pearl of Wisdom” Home or School Activity by B.J. Edwards

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How does Maslow show up in the story?  Here are some important questions to ask when observing how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs relate to the family in the story.  Let’s begin with how the Physiological Needs were met with the main character Bonita.  Why is this section so important?  The answer is a click away!

Situation:  Teaching Self-expression
Strategy:  Encouraging and supporting a student’s need for reassurance, having the presence of a parent / guardian / educator showing an interest in the moment.
Solution:  Positive shift in Bonita’s behavior develops when her mother in the
story showed an interest in her needs.  Her
mother was present encouraging Bonita
to verbally express herself.


Tip:  Ask your child/student to write down their thoughts if they are having difficulty
expressing themselves verbally.  It’s important to reinforce your belief in them to succeed in school and in life.  Using encouraging words such as, “You matter,” or say, “What you are thinking is important to me, the family and the school.”   This helps builds your child’s or student’s self-confidence and esteem.  Take a look at this Student Self-Regulating interactive activity from the book.  Have your child complete the form or have your student complete the form.  This student activity will get children/students to focus on themselves in a positive way.  If you get resistance from your child/students, use words of encouragement to get them to complete the interactive Student Self-Regulating form.  Once completed, you will gain greater insight into what is or is not motivating your child / student to do their best.  This is a great activity to get students to open up and express themselves in a self-respecting manner.  Notice how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Model manifest itself or “show up” in the book Mama Said..

Meeting the Physical Needs of the character, Bonita:

  •  When Bonita walks inside her home from school.
  •  Bonita greets her mother in the kitchen.  She experiences:  food and shelter.
  •  Bonita experiences safety and security at home.  Her mother is present.

Thought to Ponder:  Often times parents can not be physically present if they are working, in school, or caring for other family members.  It is important for educators to keep this in mind.  Close supervision is always encouraged and warranted.  Parents how are you integrating Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in your home?  Educators how are you integrating Maslow’s Model in your school community?


 Communication:  Starts with Reading

Has your child read to you lately?20160924childrenembrace

Are you tired by the end of the day from work, school, or caregiving for a friend or family member?   Consider having your son/daughter read to you in creative ways.  Did you know it only takes just a few minutes a day with your child to increase their reading level? Increase your child’s reading ability now.   Start at Mama Said…1st Pearl of Wisdom Here.

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