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November 21, 2016

This is a wonderful story. It speaks to the basic needs of every child. All children need someone to be there for them like mama is for Bonita when she needs her. Bonita is very fortunate in that she also has a great family; parents, brothers, and sisters that provide support in her hour of need. Beyond that there is her teacher who encourages Bonita, gives her some direct instruction, and then directs her towards yet another source of help.

Parents and educators should also make use of the communication section included in the back of the book. Communication is the best tool we can use to learn ways in which someone is in need. Often a child such as Bonita is struggling and no one listens or ignores the pleas for help. In Bonita’s case her mama saw and heard, then followed through with constructive and loving advice. Communication is a two way street which means that an environment of safety and trust needs to be provided for a back and forth exchange to take place.

The communication section provides the tools needed to better understand that basic needs must be met before a child is receptive to learning. Many children need to have a caring mama or educator to help them but they also need to be able to communicate what their needs are and it is here that the communication section provides the means to help with that aspect.

Use this book to help children understand that it is okay to ask for help. Also, use information within the book to assist in ways to build a communication bridge within a family or classroom.

Dr. Janis Giblin, McPherson College Milwaukee Campus


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